Delivering safe and effective care.

Medical Care

With Lina telehealth, experienced clinicians can diagnose common illnesses, such as ear infections, pink eye and flu. Our medical professionals can help schools determine when a child may return to class, so schoolwork is preserved. At the same time, parents can remain productive at work and there’s peace of mind for all, especially the student.

Mental Health

Our trained behavioral health professionals work virtually with children through regularly scheduled sessions. They help kids with school challenges and mental issues, such as anxiety and stress. And can provide training and support to school staff.

How It Works


Turnkey Solution

Lina is a complete solution, providing everything your school needs.

Medical Experts

Direct access to state-licensed medical and behavioral health experts. This can be school district staff, Lina’s provider network or a blend.


Help to get your staff trained and Lina fully operational.


Sophisticated exam equipment for diagnosis and treatment.


Tablets and software that’s easy for clinical and non-clinical staff to use.